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If you have a subject in mind that is consistently undiscussed by the mainstream media and you would like to see it covered. Or if you have a piece you have written yourself and you would like to have it featured in our website.

If you are based in J&K and are looking for a collaborator on any form of local social activism. If you have an already ongoing project or an NGO that works on local change, social upliftment of a marginalised community or any other form of community service, we would love to interview you and feature your organisation on your website. Please send us a brief introduction of yourself and the key features of your organisation.

If you are a young woman or an older woman, really, who is looking for advice or clarity on subjects like sex, relationships, domestic or sexual violence, sexual health, career, the social pressures and frustration of being a woman in India (or the world), please write in your questions. I don’t pretend to be an expert in any of these issues but pretty much every ridiculous, horrible and wonderful thing that can happen to a woman has happened to me. I’ve worked extensively with victims of rape, sexual and domestic violence and suffered some of it myself. I broke off an engagement, married a divorced man, am raising a stepchild, have dealt with various women’s health issues, have lived alone in all parts of the country, have supported myself for years and have had every argument there is to be had with the patriarchy. So write in your questions for our weekly column: Ask A Morally-Compromised Woman.

If you have any feedback or suggestions or questions about what the hell we are doing here. We check our inbox regularly.

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