Feminism Made Me A Woman.

Sometimes the rhetoric makes it feel like we have to rescue our mothers from homemaking, child-rearing and oppression, and in doing things differently we begin to believe that having jobs and “liberation” means that we are exempt from the shared, continuous trauma of our gender. Feminism taught me how my mother and I are part of the same fight and what it really means that I am a woman.

Why Do We Insist On Viewing Women’s Income as Pocket Money?

Despite myself I try to understand where these ideas are coming from, I understand that historically men have been dominant in the role of making money. Even early female writers and artists who gained fame made only a fraction of the money their male counterparts did. In many Indian households, even today, the women step out to make money because the man is unable to make enough to support the family which is why female employment rates are higher among lower-income sections of society.

Are We Just Telling Fat Women To Cover Up When We Tell Them To Dress For Their Shape?

I’m insecure about my arms. For me it’s that body part that directly affects my confidence. For most of my life I have had flabby big upper arms and weak shoulders. For the past few years, they’ve been less flabby and much, much less weak but because I lost weight in the area there’s aContinue reading “Are We Just Telling Fat Women To Cover Up When We Tell Them To Dress For Their Shape?”