Why I Decided To Speak Openly About Abuse In My Own Relationship.

It is well-known that victims of abuse rarely speak up, and while we generally understand that this is due to social factors, this understanding of abusive relationships is incredibly shallow and ultimately perpetuates the culture that supports abuse. When a victim of abuse does speak up, what makes them do it?

How Fat Women Are Taught to Hate Themselves.

Whether it is in matrimonials, drawing rooms or classrooms, fat girls are taught to hate themselves for the bodies they have. Pop culture reduces the representation of fat women to a comedic trope or a pitiful sexuality. If it is indeed about concern and health, then why do millions of women suffer from eating disorders and self-loathing because of it?

Refusing to Live in Secret is the Most Powerful Thing A Woman Can Do.

As women become more aware of our rights, it becomes harder for society to control our behaviour through the law and so it is done socially. It’s okay if you have boyfriends, it’s okay if you drink, it’s okay if you are divorced, it’s okay if you are ambitious but just don’t talk about it. The reason we can write about the “secret lives of women” is that we are actively discouraged from having open lives.

Mighty Sensible, Somewhat Unpopular Unsanskari Sex Tips by a Morally-Compromised Woman.

Have you read a dozen women’s magazines articles about how to have better sex and learnt nothing except what a perineum is? Maybe our hilarious, overly-explicit and unpopular sex-tips can help.

Does My Feminism Hate The Woman in Me?

Although the ideology of feminism does not prescribe any rules for how a feminist should behave, often when you exist in an environment of constant-focus on the politics of womanhood, you start to question whether you are allowed to be feminine. However feminism and femininity aren’t two sides of the same coin, they are allies.

Every movie tries to teach the same incorrect lesson to all stepmothers: Don’t try to be his mother, just be his friend.

Parents talk about parenting a lot, and often the goal of the conversation is to convince you that their parenting style and techniques are superior and better and guaranteed to work but I’ve always wondered…work to what end? It never seems clear.I’ve never had cause to cohort with parents, I mean obviously I met peopleContinue reading “Every movie tries to teach the same incorrect lesson to all stepmothers: Don’t try to be his mother, just be his friend.”

The Immigrant Teacher

My sister has been on my mind all day. It’s not surprising given we had one of our two-hour long conversations this morning. I called her, not that I need a reason to call her, because today is Teacher’s Day, and while I am loath to celebrate any religious holiday, I am fine with theContinue reading “The Immigrant Teacher”